Lesson 140 – Would Walden have Been a Better Book if Thoreau had Supplied more Background Information on his Life *Gasp for Breath*

Write 500 words on this topic: “Would Walden have been a better book if Thoreau had supplied more background information on his life?”

Walden was right in the start of the industrial revolution. He realized that the world was starting to change drastically with the railroads and textile mills as well as other factories and inventions that were starting to spring up everywhere. He either though that these were actually going to hurt people or he just didn’t like change. I am more inclined to think that he just didn’t like change.

His book is split between rants against the industrial revolution and boasts about his oneness with nature. So would the book have been better if he had included more about himself? It depends what you mean by better. It would have probably made it sell less because it would have showed more about him that was proving him to be a bit of a hypocrite. But if he was able to make it all be positive than it may have been nice to have some good backstory.

So I would say that if he added more about himself into the book it would have made it more interesting but it might have backfired on him. It would be mush better for the reader than it would be for him. Thoreau was smart and I don’t think he would have made a mistake like showing himself up. If he had added a lot of backstory he would have had to be very careful about what he chose to add or leave out if he wanted to keep a good reputation.

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