Lesson 135 – no title?

Write 500 words on this topic: “Was Thoreau dependent on the division of labor while he was living on Walden Pond?”

Yep. Thoreau seemed to hate the idea of division of labor but he was still reliant on it while he was a Walden Pond. You see, his mother did all of his laundry and he often ate in town he bought the boards for his shanty and he had to use other peoples tools. So he was definitly not separate from division of labor.

Division of labor means:


The assignment of different parts of a manufacturing process or task to different people in order to improve efficiency.

So when you buy something instead of making it on your own, you are participating in division of labor. If you have a particular trade, that is division of labor. Anything that you benefit from that was done by someone else is division of labor. If everyone worked only for themselves we would be all very poor. No one would have cars because even if you knew how to build them you wouldn’t be able to hire anyone to build the different parts of it. You would have to mine all the metal and gas and oil and refine it etc.

No one would be able to live a civilized life without the division of labor. And yet Thoreau seemed to detest it. He wanted nothing more than to separate himself from it, or so he said.

The main problem was that no matter what Thoreau did he could not seem to shake off the division of labor. In fact, it seemed as though he used it gladly when it made things easier for him, like when he bought seeds, borrowed the ax, or got his mom to do his washing.

So overall Thoreau was very dependent on the Division of labor.

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