Lesson 120 – Ahem: The Differences Between Northup’s Response to Separation from his Children and Eliza’s Response to Separation from her Children…

Write 500 words on this topic: “Describe the differences between Northup’s response to separation from his children and Eliza’s response to separation from her children.”

Northup was able to keep the pain of separation inside of him. He was certainly not happy but he was having break-downs. He was able to keep his grief inside of him and work on plans of how to escape. Eliza, on the other hand was able to

Northup had a much less dramatic separation from his children. He was tricked into it by some people who told him that he was going to act in a circus. It was a little while before he realized that he was being sold as a slave. At that point he was more focusing on how to escape and get back to his family than on the grief of separation. Not that he did not have grief at the separation, but he was able to contain it much better than Eliza, who knew that she was going to be separated from her children before it actually happened. This gave her time to say goodbye and spend some time with them before they left.

Some people might want to say goodbye rather than just leaving like Northup but for Northup it helped him to keep himself together. He did not have those memories of saying goodbye for what might be the last time to his family.

Now of course Eliza and Northup were very different people. Eliza was much more of a dramatic person. She couldn’t hide her emotions in the way that Northup could. As a result she was basically useless as a slave after her children were sold.

Northup on the other hand was more of a quiet and shy person. He hid his emotions. Another difference is that he was a man while Eliza was a woman. Women tend to be more open with their emotions. 🙇‍♀️(no offense 🤣)

So, overall, Northup was able to keep himself together much better than Eliza. I personally think that the main reason for this was just the fact that they were different people with different ways of letting out their emotions.

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