He guys I just wanted to say that I found this really awesome sight called defenders of the unborn and I would like to ask you guys to support the antiabortion cause by following them. ?_? Thanks you guys are awesome!! ~Stan

Lesson 20 – A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs court is an 1899 novel by Samuel Clemens, more commonly known by his pen name; Mark Twain. In this novel an engineer gets into a fight and is smashed on the head by a crowbar. He wakes up during the sixteen-hundreds and promptly is taken captive by one of... Continue Reading →

Lesson 20 – King Arthur

King Arthur is by far the most elaborated king of all time. Legends have surrounded him until his real history has become little-known. What is known is that he was a great king who led many great conquests in his day. He most likely was fighting against the Anglo-Saxons in battles like the Battle of... Continue Reading →

Lesson 20 – Lehrer s’ Heart Attack

Lesson 20: Summation of Jim Lehrer's A Bus of My Own. As you watch the screencast, think: "Did this autobiography work for me? Would this be a model for my autobiography someday? If so, why? If not, why not?" Write 500 words on this topic: "What is the story that I remember the best? Describe it... Continue Reading →

Lesson 10 – Egypt vs Greece

Egypt and Greece are perhaps the second—most influential empires of the Ancient world, Rome being the first. The ancient Egyptians came up with the wheel and made the pyramids. The Grecians were the first to come up with the concept of science. Both have their major attributes but the Greeks are generally thought of as... Continue Reading →

Lesson 15 – Jungle in Toronto

Assignment: Write a two page creative essay on the following topic. Topic: Imagine that you have been ushered into someone else's world. Describe what you see and what this world looks like. You can choose a different time period or location here on earth, or invent another world altogether. Work on including at least one... Continue Reading →

Lesson 10 – Three of my Stories

The first story I am going to tell is about when my sister Connie got married. It was on September 2, 2018. It was an outdoor wedding, beside a beautiful set of twin ponds. Dad rowed her across the pond in his homemade cedar-strip canoe, and then helped her onto the bank. There, she had... Continue Reading →

Lesson 5 – Greece

Greece is probably the civilization that has changed the modern world the most. The Greeks were some of the smartest people in the known world they contributed most to science, history, and Philosophy. Plato and Aristotle were and are famous philosophers who revolutionized the way people think to this day. It was from Greece that... Continue Reading →

Lesson 10 – Zenith

Androma Raccella is known to most as “the Bloody Baroness.” But before that, she was the close friend and bodyguard of the king’s daughter. It was a bright night and the Arcadian moon was full when they climbed quietly into the starship. Andi had flown starships before but never something so big and powerful. She... Continue Reading →

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